We don't know what coach Norman Dale did after leading Hickory High to the state title. We like to picture him moving up through the ranks of Indiana basketball and eventually coaching the Pacers in the ABA, decked out in a leisure suit and flashy jewelry on the sideline.

But if you believe the contract Brad Stevens just signed, we do know what the coach who inspired so many people to revisit Dale, Jimmy Chitwood and Myra Fleener (all right, not Fleener) in recent weeks.

Fresh off Butler's run to the final play of the national championship game, Stevens signed on for 12 more years at the small school in Indianapolis. He's an Indianapolis native, so maybe there's reason to believe he really will pull a Mark Few and try and maintain the success Butler has been building for much of the last decade. If so, is it possible that even in a state with historically significant programs like Indiana and Purdue, Butler might reign for a long time? Vote on Butler's future.

Jason (Indianapolis)

Although the loss crushed me, you can't say enough about what Butler did not only in March but throughout the season. I know each season is supposed to be treated on its own, but how much does a performance like Butler's play into next year when it comes to potential seeding? It appears Butler's #5 seed was the ceiling for Butler going into Selection Sunday (even though us in Bulldog Nation though they deserved better) -- Butler still has to play in the Horizon League and winning all the games again is probably unlikely so will Butler ever have a shot at a #2 or #3 seed or will they always be playing for a max out at #5?

Joe Lunardi
Joe Lunardi

I do not see a "seed ceiling" for programs such as Butler. In recent years, we have seen Saint Joseph's get a No. 1 and Xavier both a No. 3 and No. 4. Gonzaga has also been as high a No. 2 seed from a more comparable conference. It can happen if you schedule and win the right non-conference games. Full transcript

Brad Stevens (Eugene, OR)

Should I make a possibly career-limiting move and sign on the dotted line or keep a good thing going back in Indianapolis? Those millions are awfully tempting.

Dana O'Neil
Dana O'Neil

Brad: Ask Todd Lickliter. The grass isn't always greener (not even when Nike is designing the hideously green Duck uniforms). Full transcript

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