Playing around with the NBA Lottery Mock Draft gizmo this morning, the Grizzlies came up with the second pick on our first try. We mention this not to justify all the hours we spend on that page (unless it helps) but because the Grizzlies have a 0.6 percent chance of winning the lottery -- slimmer odds than the Raptors face at 0.7 percent.

Despite the disappointment Raptors fans must feel this morning after missing out on the playoffs on the season's final night, should they actually be celebrating?

Sure, we all remember Dikembe Mutombo laying on the floor after his Nuggets stunned the top-seeded Sonics or the Warriors celebrating after knocking off the top-seeded Mavericks, but that's because those things so rarely happen. If you're a Raptors fan, aren't you better off rooting for the ping-pong balls to give you Turner or John Wall than hoping the current Raptors win four games against the Cavaliers?


it's like when the cavs needed the raptors to win their final game in 2005 to make the playoffs.....they would have had to play detroit and would have likely gotten swept....the raptors lost, and it saved the cavs the embarassment....this is kind of the same scenario.....raptors got off easy by not having to play the cavs.....the bulls wont have it so easy

-- nobbomber

I really really wanted the Bulls to make the playoffs...not because I thought they had a shot vs. the Cavs, but because I think the fact that they are a "playoff team" with all this money to spend makes them look like a better choice for free agents than all the other teams with lots of money to spend this offseason...

-- bulls49ersdodgersfan

the raptors will have the worst record in the nba next season..bosh isnt coming back.

-- malcolm3000g