If Buzz Aldrin is any indication, at least Deron Williams has "Dancing with the Stars" to look forward to in his future. Like Aldrin, who gained pop-culture relevance in recent years as much for viral videos of him punching a conspiracy theorist as for being the second man to walk on the moon, Williams appears doomed to live in the shadow of a guy he famously arrived on the scene with -- in his case, Chris Paul in the role of Neil Armstrong.

But fellow 2005 draftee Paul and the Hornets are sitting at home after the point guard sat out a good chunk of the regular season -- 37 games -- with a variety of injuries. And with Mehmet Okur out of action for the rest of the playoffs with a ruptured Achilles tendon, all Williams did was go for 33 points and 14 assists to lift the Jazz to a 114-111 win on the road in Game 2 against the Nuggets.

So is it really as clear as SportsNation has made it seem in the past which product of 2005 is the best bet for the future? Would you rather have Williams or Paul for the next decade?


all the jazz points in the 4 th quarter are credit to deron williams getting by his man, drawing help, and dishing. thats THE best point guard in the league, scoring when its there, but not looking to score. letting it come naturally.

-- rbmw263

Best part of this game: The crowd chanting "Utah sucks! Utah sucks!" as the Jazz go on to beat them on their home floor. All you nug fans on here can do is blame it on the refs.. Anything to take the credit away from the Jazz who basically dominated that game. P.S. If you want to talk about bad calls, watch Melo all night push off and hook everytime he went in

-- lurpinator

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