This isn't a good time to hate dynasties. Sure, we've got the Saints, but more than 90,000 Alabamans (all right, maybe they weren't all from Alabama) crowded into Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch a spring scrimmage for a team that returns last year's Heisman Trophy winner. The New York Yankees may not be the Tampa Bay Rays, but they look pretty good in the early going of Major League Baseball's regular season. And with Phil Jackson in Kevin Durant's head, and Ron Artest in his face, the Lakers showed no signs in their playoff opener of the funk that plagued them in March and April.

And then Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith had to go all Tim Duncan on us.

Two of the three stars for the reigning college basketball champions bucked the popular trend and announced they will return for their senior seasons in Durham. Whether you think one or both are headed the way of other Duke NBA busts, is there really any doubt they make the Blue Devils heavy favorites to repeat next season, especially when joined by Stephen Curry's little brother?

Shawn (DC)

Hi Jay, thanks for all you do -- having had a chance to reflect on the season, I would say MSU's run to the Final Four was pretty amazing considering all the issues this team had and Kalin's injury in the Maryland game. This team really showed a lot of heart and toughness, two things we really lacked during the season. With Lucas and Summers coming back, we have to be a favorite to win it all, correct?

Jay Bilas (before Singler's announcement)
Jay Bilas

I think that Michigan State will indeed be the preseason favorite, unless Duke has Kyle Singler back. If Singler returns, I like Duke as the preseason No. 1 team. I usually wait unti the dust from the Draft has settled to rank teams, but it seems clear that the Spartans will be right there again. Monday's full transcript


there is way too much talent going in this draft at the 3 position, which is what kyle plays. he has the chance to return and be the star on a fully loaded duke team and to potentially win another national title. should the lockout not occur and he have another similar season, he will go from a late first-round/early second to a mid-high first round, possibly even a lottery.

-- dukefan0307

There are probably 20 teams in the NBA w/o a dominant force. I cannot think of a team that could not use an athletic guy his size that has his skill set and a thorough knowledge of how the game is played and a solid kid off the court as well.

-- vandyalum91

I'm happy SOMEBODY (even if it's a Dukie :-) chose to stay in college. that's an experience they'll never be able to live again, whereas the NBA is going to be there regardless. call me an idealist, but if i were in that position, i'd milk the free higher education and the college bball experience for as long as possible before moving on to be a pro.

-- elcherry

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