Baseball players have too much time on their hands. Showing the best choreography this side of "Glee" on Wednesday nights, the Braves reacted to Nate McLouth's walk-off home run against the Phillies last night in memorable fashion. Instead of gathering at home plate, or even sticking around, they walked away, leaving McLouth jogging toward an empty dugout after he crossed home plate for the win.

Creative, but was it more creative than the Brewers serving as bowling pins (refresh your memory with the video from when Prince Fielder reached home plate after hitting a walk-off home run last season?

All we know is that if history is any indication, McLouth can expect a fastball in the back from the Phillies sometime next March. Or maybe tonight, if Roy Halladay is feeling frisky.


OK. All you Philly fans need to chillax. I guarantee you'd react the same way if your team won a game like that in an important series against what is probably your most hated rival in the division. It was a good game and we're excited. Cut us some slack!!!

-- hollisterhawtie06