The folks in charge of running the Bears, Panthers, Ravens and Redskins weren't the only general managers without a pick in the first round of the NFL draft. In fact, they have company that numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Fantasy owners could only sit and watch the picks unfold Thursday night, but now they're in the game. C.J. Spiller was the first running back off the board, but does he become a viable fantasy option if he's sharing touches with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson? Will Carson Palmer find a go-to option in rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham?

And beyond the eight fantasy-eligible players selected in the first round, what impact will something like the 49ers drafting two offensive linemen have on the fantasy fortunes of Alex Smith? With protection in front of him, Frank Gore behind him and Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis to throw to, could Smith finally become a factor in fantasy football?


People out there stop putting the T.O. jacket on Dez Bryant it doesn't fit. So many times owners listen to these so called guru's and miss out on Pro Bowl type players, nice pick Jerry.,

-- tripplecitty

I hope this means BUF is getting rid of Lynch because if they aren't this pick is pointless. With so many holes on that team to take a RB at #9 was a serious stretch. I'd love to see Spiller as the next Chris Johnson but remember TEN has a very solid O-line, where as BUD started 12+ different lineman last season alone.

-- SMojsov

Jahvid Best could have Chris Johnsonlike ability.

-- AjP_

i absolutely LOVE this pick, mathews definitely looks legit. with the combo of power, good speed, breaks tackles, bloacks well, can still catch well enough, he's the perfect fit for our offense. sproles and mathews are gonna be beastly this coming season, mark my words

-- chargerschica

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