In case you missed it over the weekend -- or in case, like Bobby Wilson, you don't remember a good chunk of the weekend -- we take you back to the third inning of Friday night's game between the Yankees and the Angels.

Minutes after being hit by a pitch, Mark Teixeira comes toward home from second base on Robinson Cano's single and delivers a shot on Wilson worthy of a "Draft Duel" between Mel Kiper and Todd McShay (watch the collision on Depending on your point of view, Wilson was either too far up the first base line to pose any threat to Teixeira or reaching back across the plate as if to make a tag. Teixeira gets up and steps on home plate again; Wilson stays down and goes to the hospital.

After the game, Angels manager Mike Scioscia says it was a clean play, but as ESPN Los Angeles reported, some of his players felt differently about Teixeira's effort. So what's the call? Clean play or dirty payback?


Give credit to Bobby Wilson for taking the high road for not bashing a player who went out of his way to cause bodily injury on a defenseless catcher.

-- santoalcala

I am a lifelong Red Sox fan.....and my hatred for the NY Yankees cannot be described using the total sum of words in Webster's dictionary ... However ... it was a clean play. If he went in with his cleats up ... dirty. Catchers get hit all the time, don't block the plate if you don't wanna get hit ... period. Stop crying about it.

-- maetwagn

It wasn't a dirty play. It was a clean play at the plate. Tex did what he thought would get him to the plate. Catchers wear padding for a reason, and this is one of them. I hate people who talk about "unwritten" rules, because "unwritten" means what you would prefer, and not exactly what is.

-- Dman4Life8017

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