Somewhere out there -- just down I-95, actually -- Donovan McNabb must be shaking his head. Give him Chase Utley instead of Terrell Owens or Jimmy Rollins instead of Hank Baskett and maybe he'd be counting digits on a shiny, new contract in Philadelphia. But in our world, McNabb is in Washington and Ryan Howard is set to continue as a Philadelphia icon after signing a five-year extension worth $125 million that will keep him with the Phillies through the 2016 season.

We're not saying Howard isn't worth it -- being the first guy since Babe Ruth to put up 45 home runs and 135 RBIs in at least four consecutive seasons isn't bad -- but he'll be 36 years old by the time the extension wraps up.

If you had every player to choose from (i.e. if you're Brian Cashman) and $125 million to spend, who would you most want to sign for the next seven seasons? Rank 'Em.

Don M (Philadelphia)

We all know about Pujols, Hanley Ramirez, Ryan Howard.. in the coming years, is Ryan Braun the best player out there, with a few MVPs on his shelf before he retires?.. What other non-rookies, are the real players to watch in the coming years??

Jayson Stark
Jayson Stark

Seems like I answer a Ryan Braun question every week. He's the captain of my All-Underrated Team among active players. More on him later today in the Sandwich Awards. Full transcript


This is going to hurt the Phillies in the long run. Howard's productivity will not be the same as he nears 35. He is only a one dimensional, power hitter and his defense has improved only recently. He doesn't have to much of his prime ahead of him. Once his bat slows, he's pretty much done.

-- unkosolz

howard is a major threat at the plate and is one of top run producers in the game...but when are the fans going to tell the owners that no human being in this unsettled economy is worth anything close to that money?

-- Stevarino2009

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