What says postseason hockey like Phoenix and the Potomac? All right, maybe the Game 7 settings are slightly off, especially considering teams from traditional hockey holy sites Detroit and Montreal are involved, but we've got a pair of decisive games to savor in the span of 24 hours. Tuesday night brings the Red Wings visiting the Coyotes, and the Canadiens take on the Capitals a night later.

Given how littered the NHL's postseason history is with No. 1 and No. 2 seeds going down to defeat in the first round (you have to look all the way back to, oh, last season for the eighth-seeded Ducks knocking off the top-seeded Sharks), a loss at home by the Capitals might not be historic. But it would be a colossal collapse from a team that held a 3-1 lead against the Canadiens and further evidence that there may be no force in sports quite so powerful as a red-hot goalie, in this case Jaroslav Halak.


Can't believe this series is going to a 7th game. ... The Coyotes were on a mission from the start, but the short-handed goal really got things going. I'll be there, I've always wanted to go to a playoff 7th game.

-- LeoPolk

Gonna be interesting to see if the Russians show up for this one. I think the Habs will win because of Halak.

-- itsfeedingtime

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