Tuesday night in Reading, Pa., Stephen Strasburg cruised through five innings against the home team without allowing a hit. In four starts with Double-A Harrisburg, he has a 0.52 ERA and 23 strikeouts in 17.1 innings. All of which raises at least one question. At least on nights when Strasburg pitches, is Harrisburg the second-best baseball team in Pennsylvania?

It's not even May, and, well, the Pirates are right where you would expect them to be. And at least one fan has had enough of this dysfunctional relationship. After shelling out money to MLB to be able to watch his favorite team from afar, blogger swysz2730 wants a refund from the man in charge.

  • "How is it that you are at fault? Well, Commish, you just let baseball do [its] own thing. You didn't try to make it competitive. You didn't try to make things legal. You didn't try to make things fair. You didn't care. Don't give me revenue sharing. Don't give me that you look over the books of every team. Don't tell me anything about your efforts to make the playing field fair. You never wanted fair, and you never cared as long as cities built new ball parks and you got paid. I'm sure you are getting paid. ...

    "I'm not even going to ask that you make changes, because I know you won't. I'm not going to continue to cry about this situation, because I fully expect that, for the rest of my life, I will never see another winning season from the Pirates. All I want is my money back for this year's MLB.TV subscription."

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