It appears Tyreke Evans will be the NBA's Rookie of the Year. After Brandon Jennings scored 25 points to lead the Bucks to a 3-2 series lead against the Hawks, it also appears he might be the most significant rookie playing in May. Possibly deep into May.

Which is to say, the debate about this year's rookie class isn't nearly over. Well, other than Hasheem Thabeet. We can all agree that isn't working out so well.

Evans isn't a controversial pick as rookie of the year. ESPN's TrueHoop Network went that way in overwhelming fashion when it handed out awards. After siding with Jennings early and Stephen Curry in March, SportsNation concurred at the close of the regular season. But when it comes to looking beyond rookie season? That is another story ...

Ben (NYC)

Who makes their teammates better the best? Jennings, Evans, Curry, Rose, Rondo, Westbrook??? I say Curry.

David Thorpe
David Thorpe

Today Rondo, tomorrow probably Curry or Jennings. Full transcript

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