We're not going to get involved in the debate over legal specifics of Arizona's new law or the politics of immigration reform. We're sure all the cable news networks will more than pick up the slack for the next, oh, let's say year.

But whatever your opinion of the law in question, our query is should Major League Baseball take into account the opinions of its players when it comes to the 2011 All-Star Game, currently schedule to be played in Phoenix?

Adrian Gonzalez said recently he wouldn't participate if he's selected and the game is in Arizona. Ozzie Guillen said he won't manage if it's in Arizona (although with apologies to Guillen and his 10-15 White Sox, we're not sure he needs to worry). If it turns out that a significant number of MLB players, coaches and other personnel feel the same way, should Bud Selig weigh their wishes?

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