It took a guy flirting with a perfect game, Toronto's Brett Cecil, to prevent Ubaldo Jimenez from laying undisputed claim to Monday's best pitching line -- and Jimenez's ERA still went up after he allowed one earned run in seven innings against the Padres. After six starts, Jimenez isn't just sharing the stage with two-time defending Cy Young champ Tim Lincecum and high-profile import Roy Halladay -- he's upstaging them.

We've come a long way from the days of David Nied and Marvin Freeman.

On the flip side, Monday's game marked the third time in four games that Jimenez has thrown at least 120 pitches, and the fourth time in five games he reached at least 115. So putting aside Tim Tebow, is Jimenez's arm the one Denver fans should worry about? Vote!

Coug (SS Universe)

Lincecum or Wainwright?

Jerry Crasnick
Jerry Crasnick

Coug, For what it's worth, I picked Adam Wainwright as my NL Cy Young this year (over Roy Halladay, believe it or not). The guy is a horse. Full transcript

Rodney (Philadelphia)

Hamels seem to be struggling alot early on in the season. He's making the same mistakes he was last year and he's getting hit just like he was last year. Is it his head or did the 2008 season blow his arm out?

Jayson Stark
Jayson Stark

Blow his arm out? There are only a handful of pitchers in the whole sport who have gotten a higher percentage of swings and misses than he has this year. He's gotten more than Ubaldo Jimenez, more than Felix Hernandez. So his stuff is still great. It's how he's used it that's been the problem. He's still fiddling with how to incorporate the cutter and curve ball. So get back to me in two months on this. Full transcript

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