Stephen Hawking has a new series exploring some of the great mysteries of the universe, like the possibility of time travel and the likelihood of alien life. But if Hawking is so smart, we'd like to see him tackle this puzzler. What would happen if Courtney Brown tried to get around Tony Mandarich to rush JaMarcus Russell before he could throw the ball to Charles Rogers in front of Bruce Pickens? Our guess is the sheer weight of improbability would cause the entire universe to collapse in on itself. Or there would be a flag for illegal motion.

Cementing his place in our little thought experiment, Russell was released Thursday by the Raiders, ending a brief and inglorious run with the team that made him the No. 1 overall pick in 2007. But as bad as Russell was -- and he was awful -- was he bad enough to be the best at failing? Rank the top quarterback busts.

jeremy (Va)

Is Campbell such a solid talent at QB that it warrents cutting Russel after dumping so much money into him?

Football Scientist K.C. Joyner
K.C. Joyner

In a word, yes. Campbell's metrics last year were quite good even with all of the turmoil surrounding that team. He's the kind of player who can perform even when things are unsettled, so fitting into Oakland should be no problem for him. Full transcript

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