We like to look for the silver linings in sports, even if it's occasionally the P90X of eye workouts. So sure, Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing won the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year award despite having violated the NFL steroid policy in September, unbeknownst to voters. That's, well, not good. But focus on the positive! Now you don't have to live in Buffalo to know who Jairus Byrd is.

Byrd, a safety for the Bills, finished second in the voting the first time and stands to pick up more votes, and perhaps the award itself, now that the AP is voting again. But as AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky poses the question, does this start us down a slippery slope?


So the rookie of the year used roids DURING his rookie year, but he gets to keep the award? I guess cheaters really do prosper. Ah yes, but he won't be able to go to the pro bowl, THAT's gonna teach him...

-- gravyboat63

Roids aren't like baseball where you stop hitting homers. Cush is a predator who tracks down runners and deflects/intercepts passes like a defensive back. He didn't lead the team in INTs from any damn steroids. If he was using them to get over injury then he'll need to get tougher.

-- sgbtexan