Mayor of Seattle? Governor of Washington? Overlord of Microsoft? Ken Griffey Jr. probably could have named his next gig in the Evergreen State during the height of the lovefest that accompanied his return to the Mariners last season. But missing a pinch-hitting call because of a clubhouse nap is a gaffe on part with some of the more memorable political campaign flubs -- from Michael Dukakis in a tank to the first George Bush and the grocery scanner.

So is it time for Griffey, hitting .208 this season, to take his 630 career home runs and ride off toward Cooperstown? SportsNation commenters are of different minds.

Update: Mariners' manager Don Wakamatsu now denies the claim that Griffey was snoozing in the clubhouse.

The Common Man (Underground Bunker)

So is this it for Junior Griffey? An ignominious end, to be sure.

Rob Neyer
Rob Neyer

You know what would be a "fun" project? Making a list of the greatest players, then rating (or ranking) their career endings. Right now I have to think Junior's would rate pretty low (even with style points for finishing with M's). Full transcript


Good thing they are counting on his leadership to right Bradley's ship. Junior should have retired after 600, IMO.

-- Fat_Pigs

All of the Griffey bashers can take a hike. KGJr is one of the greatest of all time. He's on a last place team that is going nowhere fast. I do agree, if he is having problems at home, he needs to hang it up and deal with it. His status and legacy is already cemented in the HOF.

-- japetus

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