Washington D.C. is not always the most pleasant place during the summer, something that was true long before either the Senators or Nationals started playing (generally abysmal) baseball in the city. It's what happens when you build on swampland and heat it up above 90 degrees for a month or two.

But another Stephen Strasburg gem in the minors (6 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 7 K for Triple-A Syracuse) has people buzzing about what may be in store for D.C. citizens this summer. Buster Olney broke out a high-powered comparison in trying to pinpoint an arrival date.

But is it realistic to expect Strasburg to immediately be better than, say, a guy who many felt should have won the NL Cy Young last season and is cruising along with a 2.08 ERA this season?

Greg (VA)

What's the ceiling for the Nationals this year? Will they finish above .500? Impressive start considering a tough schedule

Jayson Stark
Jayson Stark

When you consider that Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen and, theoretically, Chien-Ming Wang are on the way, why wouldn't that team be capable of playing .500-ish baseball. Can't see them being a whole lot better than that yet. But the arrow is point up -- way up -- for that team. Full transcript


Why wait 4 weeks? If the Nationals are serious about contending, or simply being a relevant MLB franchise, they should get him on a plane to St. Louis and have him pitch Monday or Tuesday. He could even take a bus to DC and pitch in their home-stand next week...

-- reiners83

All the talk is about Strasburg right now... wait until this year's draft... Bryce Harper, the catcher from Vegas, is a five-tool guy that will be tearing up the bigs when the Nats bring him up next June. My Nats are going to be the real deal when they finally clean up Bowden's mess. On top of that, they're going to be a marketing machine... Stras, Zimmer, and Harper... Expecting a turnaround similar to the Rays.

-- USF_Football

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