We're still a month and a half away from the start of NBA free agency, and we've already had the mayor of New York adding his two cents (then again, he's got a few billion of them) on why LeBron James should come to the Big Apple, not to mention the president of the United States suggesting James would be a perfect fit in the Windy City.

Cleveland needs its most powerful resident to step up to the plate, except that, well, that's probably James himself (no offense to Drew Carey).

For now, the LeBron buzz seems to center on coaches. John Calipari tweeted that he's staying at Kentucky, despite reports he and James are a package deal. Jeff Van Gundy suggested James might not be enough to make the Bulls the team to beat in the NBA. Might a veteran coach with experience in a big city might be the missing piece? But from candidates, real or speculative, who would get the most out of James?

Doug - Masters

I think what a lot of people forget is Cleveland has one of the biggest ( if not the biggest ) pay no expense to win owners. To quote him "it costs me more money to lose" Everyone is thinkin about Calipari, and if you don't think the Cavs have as good a chance to get him as anyone else you are crazzzzzzy. AND unlike the bulls everyone in the know, knows cleveland will spend. That is a great comfort for a coach to know. I think, Calipari is thinkin about Cleveland and Chicago, and I seriously think it can go either way.

-- Doug - Masters

Its not the coach he needs, but a strong supporting cast like Kobe has or Ray Allen has.

-- Go Yankz

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