According to Rasheed Wallace's official bio, the Philadelphia native is a fan of the hometown Flyers and Phillies but prefers the Kansas City Chiefs to the Eagles when it comes to the NFL. Somehow we imagine the uproar wouldn't be quite as loud if this were about a Matt Cassel jersey.

Some people in Boston -- how many is up for debate -- are a little ticked off that Wallace has been prominently sporting his Flyers cap, as seen below in video from ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, in the wake of the Bruins' complete collapse against that team in the second round of the NHL playoffs.

Other people are more upset about Wallace's prominent disdain for effort in the regular season, especially now that it's contrasted with his spirited playoff contributions.

So is Wallace staying true to his hometown team or sticking it to fans in Boston? And is it a foul on him in either case?

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