If we're talking luxury cars, we'll take ours brand-new, thanks. No need to let someone else enjoy that new-car smell or doom the transmission. But if we're talking about coaching NBA superstars, we'd be inclined to take the same approach as with the iPad. That is, let someone else suffer through the inevitable problems with the first release and then swoop in to enjoy the refined versions.

In other words, would you rather be Pat Riley and Phil Jackson or Paul Westhead, Bill Fitch, Doug Collins, Del Harris and now Mike Brown?

Brown wasn't LeBron James' first NBA coach, but he seems destined to the same shelf as the guys who broke in Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, respectively. Although one frequent SportsNation blogger thinks Brown sowed the seeds of his own demise, in part, by acquiescing to James more than guys like Fitch or Westhead did to their stars.

Ethan (Philly)

Are you a fan of the Doug Collins hire?

John Hollinger
John Hollinger

I am. I think he's a better fit in Philly than he would have been in Chicago, which is why I was down on the Bulls' potentially hiring him two year ago. Collins to me is a poor man's Larry Brown -- you can't have him coaching young guys and in two years everyone will be sick of him, but in between he'll get everybody straightened out and max out the team's potential. Philly's 'young' guys are old enough now that they can deal with it, so as long as he doesn't crush Turner's confidence it should work. Full transcript

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