According to a report from's Marc Stein, Dirk Nowitzki will likely opt out of his current contract and join the summer's bevy of superstars in search of big bucks. Of course, opting out doesn't necessarily mean Nowitzki will change zip codes -- it could just be a way to hedge his bets against the league's pending collective bargaining brouhaha.

But the prospect of the big German hitting the market alongside Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and potentially Amare Stoudemire has us wondering just who the best partner would be for that other high-profile free agent. The guy from Akron. The guy we won't name for fear David Stern's penchant for fining extends to anyone who ever purchased NBA tickets.


I hope Dirk stays. But I would understand why he would go if he did. But I think he would stay if Lebron did leave the Cavs and go to the Mavs. Then the Mavs would be all but a lock to be in the NBA finials. Imagine Lebron with a proven vet talent roster with the likes of Kidd and Dirk?

-- JosephCharles2169

Don't lament his departure if he chooses to opt-out. I'd say so long, good luck with your new team, except when you play the Mavs. The Mavs can then focus on acquiring a REAL power forward, instead of a 7 foot shooting guard.

-- nasaldrips75

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