Let's just say SportsNation wasn't bullish on the Padres when the season began. If voters could have slipped some Pacific Coast League teams ahead of the team from San Diego, well, the Fresno Grizzlies look pretty good this season. As it was, voters ranked the Padres behind every team but the Royals, Pirates and Nationals.

Yet here we are with Memorial Day approaching and Bud Black's team is in first in the NL West. In looking at some of the season's biggest surprises, Jerry Crasnick suggests Adrian Gonzalez needs more help but does find some reasons for continued optimism.

It's not just the Padres. Check out the upward mobility of some of the season's biggest surprises through the lens of SportsNation's Power Rankings.

trevor (ca)

which of your top three surprises is most likely to keep surprising?

Jerry Crasnick
Jerry Crasnick

Trevor, The only reason I think San Diego can hang around longer than Toronto is that the Padres play in the NL West. But they really need someone to step up and take the pressure off Adrian Gonzalez. Remember, Toronto started off quickly last year, then faded in June and July. That AL East is a bear. Full transcript

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