Ron Artest's last-second offensive rebound putback to win Game 5 of the Western Conference finals is still fresh in our minds this morning, but by the time most of SportsNation reconvenes after the holiday weekend, the series will be over. And Steve Nash will either be heading to the NBA Finals after a career-defining comeback against the Lakers or heading home with an even more extensive resume as the best player never to play for a championship.

John Stockton, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and Reggie Miller never won title, but they all played for one in the NBA Finals at least once. And even as the Suns head back to Phoenix for Game 6, SportsNation commenters seem to be weighing what Nash's legacy will be in the event of another disappointment.

Mark Zabierek (Heinz Field Parking Lot C)

hat are your thoughts on Goran Dragic this year and in the future?

David Thorpe
David Thorpe

Dramatically better. Athletic and crafty. He looks to have a real chance at being the next pg there. When Nash turns 50, that is. Full transcript


Steve Nash was at his best when he was stutter stepping and TRAVELING his feet before several assists. GREAT JOB STEVEN - ONLY THE GREATS HAVE THEIR FLAWS IGNORED!!!!

-- JukeSpin

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