It's a testament to Ken Griffey Jr.'s immense talent that, as his career ends, fans look at his 630 home runs and 10 Gold Gloves and ask "What If?"

What if, for instance, Griffey had stayed in Seattle, where his career began in a dramatic fashion and continued in a record-breaking one. What if he'd stayed entirely healthy, averaging more than 99 games per year during his 30s? What if he'd hit more than 192 home runs over his last ten years? What if, what if, what if. Let's at very least appreciate the man for what he was: one of the greatest-hitting center fielders who ever lived, a player who was, at his best, pure energy on the field. That he retires quietly, a shell of the player he once was, is no shame. At his Hall of Fame induction five years hence, all we'll remember are the good times.


I was there for his first game in Seattle. Even then you had a sense he was going to be great. Thanks for all the memories and making things right by finishing your career with the Mariners.

-- triple_double_32

Thanks for the memories griffey.. He was the reason why i even liked baseball as a kid. The best pure swing ever, always the nicest person, and actual role model to a child.... HOF 1st ballot. Wish you could of played for the pin stripes.

-- casperusmc999

Not many class ac t guys like Griffey come around in a lifetime. He played the game exactly the way it should be played, with integrity and class. Thanks for the memories Junior !

-- sdchargersguy

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