The Beatles come to America. Tiger Woods announces his presence to the world. Genghis Khan embarks on his "World Devastation Tour 1215." Stephen Strasburg makes his major league debut.

It's a bit too early to tell if Strasburg's first start in the majors will stand alongside the other great debuts in history (sporting or otherwise), but it's clearly among the most hyped. The Nationals have actually sold out a home game that isn't Opening Day, an event that is striking in its rarity.

Strasburg could be the next Nolan Ryan, or the next Ben McDonald, but he's already brought the Nationals a kind of relevance that they haven't had since Vlad Guerrero was mashing home runs in Canada, way back in the early '90s. Strasburg is already challenging SportsNation's collective power rankings of pitchers -- he lost to Johan Santana in a question regarding which pitcher fans would rather have for the second half, but just barely.

Strasburg had better enjoy the spotlight while he can, as the Nationals drafted another super-prospect last night in Bryce Harper. It's good they're on the same team -- if Harper ever swung at a Strasburg fastball, the resulting collision could rip a hole in the fabric of space and/or time.


alright nats, nows the time to open up the wallets a bit for a few years here while you have the talent to get that championship run going. And everyone knows where im going with this one, after strasburg and harpers contracts are up they probably will go to whatever al east team pays more. it will happen, just like the rays are gonna be hurting again pretty soon here.

-- bledsoe6671

I'm all about the hype and I hope this kid lives up to his expectations except for when he plays my Bravos but long awaited might be adding just a hint of sensationalism to the mix. It was relly smart to wait for a variety of reasons such as the most important which most will not agree with. The kid has played extremely well against the minors but by waiting until after June 1st for arbitration purposes I think the most important thing is who'll he be pitching against. One of the worst lineups in baseball to help build the confidecne and momentum for the remainder of the season.

-- appalachianmatt

As a Phillies fan, and a baseball fan, I cannot wait to see this kid pitch, for tomorrow and the next few years! National fans, you've got something special getting started in DC with a great young team that will be good for the next few years, enjoy it!

-- philliesfan4ever20

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