We canguarantee you one thing: Lane Kiffin will not win a bowl game in his first two years at USC.

That's not his fault, of course. USC could score 10,000 points this year and 2011, yet it still would get nothing because of penalties reportedly imposed by the NCAA thanks to various football and basketball violations. The sanctions include the aforementioned two-year ban from postseason play, the loss of 20 athletic scholarships and the vacation of wins from at least the 2004 season. USC is the Pac-10's marquee team (although Texas may have something to say about that if it joins the Pac-10), so this is a major blow to both the school and the conference. Recruits might take a second look at donning the crimson-and-gold if they know that a bowl bid is out of the question regardless of how they perform.


It would have to be a huge penalty for any recruits to bolt, IMO. USC is USC afterall, and the kids who have chosen it, have dreamed of it since they started playing.

-- truthking

I can't wait until all those USC commits begin defecting. One school's cheat is another school's meat.

-- bruinslife

I'm a USC fan but rules are rules and they were broken. Just gotta face the music.

-- rooster2783

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