1. Which team will win Game 7 in Los Angeles?

It's not every year we get a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. It's not every year we get a rivalry like the Celtics and Lakers in the NBA Finals. And it's definitely not every year we get both of those things together. But does it all add up to a close finish or will one team ruin the drama and win going away? Cast your vote!


So similar to '69. Celtics 4th seed, Celtics clinching in LA, balloons n confetti left hanging on the ceiling !!! BRussell's(player/co ach) last game, Doc's last game.

-- AntiTSuperstar

2. Most masterful: Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi or Tiger Woods?

Kobe Bryant will bring Thursday's major sports action to a close, but Lionel Messi got it started in Argentina's World Cup match against South Korea. Between those two? Tiger Woods tees it up in the U.S. Open. That's a lot of global star power for one Thursday, but which of the three is the most skilled? Cast your vote!

3. Would Roger Clemens hear more boos than Manny Ramirez at Fenway Park?

Manny Ramirez returns to Fenway Park this weekend as a member of the Dodgers (sorry, bathrooms in the Green Monster are for paying customers and Red Sox only), and it's safe to say at least a few boos will be directed his way. But would Roger Clemens get it worse if he showed up? Cast your vote!

4. Is beating the Yankees at 47 years old more remarkable than Strasburg's debut?

Stephen Strasburg wasn't born when Jamie Moyer was drafted in 1984. Strasburg wasn't born when Moyer made his MLB debut three years later. But two weeks after Strasburg's own amazing MLB debut, the 47-year-old Moyer beat the Yankees for win No. 265. Which feat is more remarkable? Cast your vote!

5. Should the NFL expand the regular season to 18 games?

The NFL is considering expanding its regular season to 18 games. Players like Tom Brady and Ray Lewis are speaking out about the injuries and wear and tear those extra real games would cause. But is that fatigue more important than the fatigue fans feel watching four preseason games? Cast your vote!

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