At least we know what defense Albert Haynesworth won't use if we ever play him in Madden. The world's biggest critic of 3-4 defenses -- especially those with him in the middle of that first number -- Haynesworth is making a bid to replace Gilbert Arenas as D.C.'s most shunned millionaire.

And while it doesn't help when teammates are publicly calling you "selfish" and your coach is talking about the $21 million you took this spring under the guise of playing along with the new scheme, is there a chance -- just a chance -- that Haynesworth has a point? If he received assurances he wouldn't have to play the 3-4 when he signed last year, is he entitled to both his money and a bit of grumpiness about his new lot in life? At least one SportsNation blogger thinks so.

Fat Albert (D.C. )

Would you trade for Albert Haynesworth? What would you give for him?

Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

Well, first off, I am not positive where the best destination is for him. I REALLY like him as a player though. Still. Many seem to think that he isn't nearly the player he was in Tennessee, but I disagree. I think he can be dominant again -- immediately ... but in a 4-3. How many teams are running that scheme now? Not all that many and most really don't have a massive DT need. Still, if I am Tenn for example, I give up a third-round pick in a heart beat. Full transcript

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