As if we needed more offseason intrigue on the eve of the draft, a week away from free agency and while awaiting word on the future plans of the most successful coach in league history, now we have Chris Paul saying he's open to a trade.

We're not sure what to make of Paul's words or all the rumors that the Hornets might be listening to, if not outright soliciting, offers for their star point guard. We don't know what kind of financial trouble the Hornets might be in. We don't know if landing Paul might help the Nets sign LeBron James -- and if that might make for a better combination than LeBron and Dwyane Wade.

What we can say with some degree of confidence is Marvin Williams won't be the centerpiece of any trade for Paul. One of three players picked ahead of Paul in 2005, Williams averaged fewer points per game last season than Esran Ilyasova. It's not quite Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan, but would the Hawks take a mulligan?


CP58 just wants to be blown out by another team in the playoffs. Let him go.

-- JTRMS45

You know what, Chris Paul is a top five player still, even with the injury he sustained midway through the season but I'm not scared to say it, Chris Paul is TRADEABLE. I mean, you got a guy like Collison in the backcourt, who isn't Paul but he's good enough. You can't reached the playoff anymore because you can't get guys on the team i.e. the Okafor trade last year messed up the team since he's salary is so high.

-- mmohamed004

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