When it comes to football and blatantly bad calls, Washington quarterback Jake Locker can probably sympathize with Frank Lampard, Mexico and the rest of a series of World Cup officiating victims. A master practitioner of the other kind of football, Locker was famously penalized for daring to throw the ball in the air after he scored to bring the Huskies within a point of BYU with seconds left in regulation (the Huskies then missed the long extra point).

But might Locker suffer a greater injustice if he's denied a chance at the Heisman because the team around him isn't good enough? SportsNation commenters aren't sold on the Heisman chances of the guy Mel Kiper rates as the nation's No. 1 NFL prospect.

Erik (Seattle, WA)

Jake, what do you foresee at the greatest hurdle facing the Huskies in the upcoming season?

Washington QB Jake Locker
Jake Locker

That's a good question. I would say becoming comfortable with being at the top of the league. Learning how to play from that position. Full transcript

Jon (Brooklyn, NY)

Mel - who are your early frontrunners to go #1 overall next year?

Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper

Jake Locker, Robert Quinn - from UNC who's a freak, Andrew Luck. Those are the top three. Full transcript

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