Short of trading for Carlos Zambrano, the Rays seem to be almost out of ways to make themselves the fall guys in some of baseball's strangest stories. Beaten in a perfect game by the guy previously famous only for calling out Alex Rodriguez? Yep, that was the Rays. No-hit by a guy who threw 149 pitches and walked eight batters? Right again. Involved in a dugout confrontation after a player gave Hanley Ramirez a run for his money as the biggest loafer in the state of Florida? You guessed it.

All of that and Joe Maddon's team is still just three games behind the Yankees in the race for the AL East and the best record in baseball (although there are teams between them and the Bronx Bombers in both cases). Talk about knowing how to make your losses count.

Evan Longoria says that the confrontation between him and B.J. Upton after the latter appeared to jog after a ball to center (at least he didn't kick it) is over and done with. But how bad was Upton's sin?


Tickets to the game $180, new glove for the boy $65, hotdogs and drinks $15, watching the outfielder on your favorite team jog to the ball. . . priceless!

-- whitesugarshaq

I love the Rays... but we have fallen so hard in the last few weeks, its so frustrating! We went from the #1 team in Baseball, to not even being a .500 team in the moth of June. I agree BJ sucks and I think Jennings would bring alot more hustle to the club!

-- stoshws6

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