Might an All-Star snub the best thing that ever happened to Joey Votto's MVP candidacy in the National League? As of Monday morning, the Reds first baseman leads the NL in OPS (he's tied for fifth in RBIs, for the Monty Burns among you). Also as of Monday morning, he's not an All-Star. And for that reason, you're probably going to hear more about Votto in the next 48 hours than in the entirety of his career to date. It takes something like a snub to get people fired up about someone like Votto. Just ask SportsNation blogger M. Stewart.


Omar Infante and being an all star are concepts so radically different that the sole mention of those words together in a sentence in a positive manner causes a collapse in the center of the universe, whose energy travels around the space and acelerates the destruction of all known and unknown universe.

-- trlp1712

It is completely ridiculous that Votto doesn't get voted or selected by Players or Manager for this game. He leads ALL NL 1st Baseman in almost all offensive categories & leads all of them in Fielding %. Really, how do you leave this guy off your ballot or vote in? Unbelieveable. The league needs to select a panel of writers & bench coaches or something to select this team.

-- romcilvain

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