When you're an NBA big man dependent on other people getting you the ball, can you really put a price on something like playing with one of the greatest passing point guards in league history? Well, yes, and it appears $100 million is a pretty good place to start.

That's the total the Knicks will shell out for Stoudemire, give or take a few million, when free agents are officially allowed to sign contracts later this week. It remains to be seen if signing Stoudemire will help (or hurt) lure any other big names to the Big Apple, but Steve Nash definitely won't be coming with him. And in New York parlance, that strikes some SportsNation bloggers as akin to paying $100 million for a Mario Batali restaurant and staffing it with the local McDonald's crew.


And all the years of the Knicks being the toilet of the league and this is the game changer? They've mortgaged their future on Elijah Price.

-- bitter_walnut

Stoudemire got his numbers by playing alongside and continually being fed by one of the best point guards in league history. Lee's just a gamer who isn't in it for flash or notoriety. HUGE difference. Just wait... you'll see.

-- golamb

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