Forget wanting to be a millionaire. It may be a one-night-only special, but the new reality-television phenomenon is all about where a potential billionaire wants to be.

LeBron James will announce his free-agent plans Thursday night on live television (9 p.m. ET, ESPN) in a spectacle that SportsNation expects to be only slightly less watched in the United States than the World Cup final -- and more popular than either the MLB All-Star Game or the Home Run Derby. For our part, we just wish there was a reunion show after the special to hear the inside dirt. Danny Ferry would have a lot to say.

And with news that Chris Bosh will reportedly join Dwyane Wade in Miami, there is really only one major question left, as SportsNation blogger mphaigh poses below.


no way Lebron beats Wade and Bosh next year..... mark down another failure year for the Lord of NO RINGS

-- Super_Eman

Boston and Orlando are still the best TEAMS in the East get over it little kids.

-- Masta McNasty_28.0

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