For months (months!) we have speculated -- and then speculated on our speculation -- about where 2010 free agent LeBron James would be signing. First, we thought Chicago. Then, a few days after free agency kicked off on July 1, we changed our minds and said Cleveland. But as reports came out early Thursday morning that LeBron James was Miami-bound, SportsNation switched its mind one last time and went with Miami.

And in the end, the winner of the LeBron sweepstakes was ... the Miami Heat! LeBron's final decision was to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and form the highest-profile team in the league. There it is folks. The LeBron-apocalypse is finally over (except if you live in Cleveland).

Are the Heat the team to beat in the NBA now? Vote and discuss below.


Well Cleveland fans, if their is any consolation, just know that Wade will always have one more ring than Lebron.

-- derekjones

I mean why don't people cheer when a man can make his own decision to do what he wants. Does anyone yell at a warehouse/construction worker when he changes jobs for a better oppurtunity.

-- byrdman822

Mark my words, this will eventually cause a tital wave of star players doubling and tripling up rogether just to win championships. Celtics tried it, only got one ring for it., but I realize the big 3's ages were working against them. This will totally ruin the game and will produce only a few viable teams. The rest of the teams may as well sit the season out.

-- alvan2006

It's going to be hilarious if, or should I say when the Heat don't win a championship over the next few years... and are stuck in salary cap hell for years to come... Should have stayed in Cleveland... or gone on to Chi-town or NY. Additionally... I still don't get why anyone is calling Bosh an elite player (one good season does not make a great player).

-- scav308

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