LeBron James, just look at what you've started.

Maybe it's not particularly fair to blame King James for the news that Chris Paul may be leaving the New Orleans Hornets, but you can definitely see LeBron's invisible hand at work here. Despite Paul's best efforts, the Hornets aren't making the NBA Finals anytime soon. Why should he waste his prime years getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs every season? It's much more appealing, no doubt, to simply bring one's talents to a team with cap space, or a bevy of young talent, or an established superstar or two. Paul's desires are certainly understandable.

Is this going to happen all the time, however? Will established stars bolt the teams that drafted them if things aren't quite going as planned? If anyone else follows LeBron's lead, we might just see such a practice becoming standard.


Orlando has the best players to trade, a huge expiring contract included in that, they can take on Posey's contract and fit him in nicely!!! Paul will have a team he can easily contend on and it makes total sense for both teams!!!

-- openminded43

CP3 isn't going anywhere. He is the face of the franchise, has two years left on his contract, and did I mention "HE IS THE FRANCHISE." I think someone mentioned the Kobe plan earlier. He's gonna stay put and the Hornets w/ at least $21 mil in expiring contracts, will be VERY ACTIVE players at the trade deadline and free agency.

-- damanrighthere78