The reason why Roy Oswalt is seeking to leave the Astros, the only team he's ever known? Fortunately, we have developed a complex mathematical equation that answers the question quite succinctly:

3.12 ERA plus 117 strikeouts minus 33 walks divided by a 1.07 WHIP should not equal a 6-11 record.

Now you see what Keith Law is talking about when he harps on win-loss records being next-to-useless. Oswalt is one of the best pitchers in the league right now (and has been for a long time), but he's just not getting the run support he needs in Houston. Therefore, he's seeking to be traded to a contender, such as the Phillies. Oswalt's salary demands may kill a deal, but he could be just the extra piece that a good team needs to become great.


Oswalt would be a great fit in any rotation. I hate to see him go, but HOU needs to start from scratch (build around Pence, Bourn, Castro). Berkman, Oswalt and even Myers or anyone with value. One thing that HOU hasn't done, is build a solid minor league foundation. That has to be a priority.

-- irishpat183

As healthy as Oswalt has been, doesn't seem like a stretch to guarantee next year at $16 million.

-- jdoublej77

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