Putting Terrell Owens on the same football team as Chad Ochocinco? Yikes, that sounds like a bold move by the Bengals. The only thing riskier that we can think of is to put T.O. in the media capital of the world. What's that, Adam Schefter? The Jets have reportedly reached out to Drew Rosenhaus about Owens? Well, this could be interesting.

Owens is the most intriguing old guy outside the state of Mississippi not in camp, but at least some fans think he gets a bad rap on the chemistry front.

Then again, even if T.O. ended up being the most boring reality-television star this side of the "Real World" in Washington D.C. when "Hard Knocks" takes on the Jets, how much does he have left as a football player?

SprungOnSports (Long Island)

Is there a point to the Jets signing TO other than Hard Knocks ratings? They seem pretty set at WR despite Holmes' suspension.

ESPN New York's Rich Cimini
Rich Cimini

Let's be clear: I think the Jets are a long shot to sign T.O. A source told me this morning this is basically exploratory in nature, much like the JaMarcus Russell situation a month ago. But there's no doubt that the "Knocks" folks are rooting for T.O. in NY. Could you imagine the shows? It would be must-see TV. And I agree, they're set despite Holmes' suspension. And nothing has changed with Braylon Edwards; as I reported a month ago, he's not getting suspended. Full transcript

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