It seems unlikely the newest incarnation of Team USA will produce any NBA free-agent madness on par with Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh hatching plans for a takeover. That is, unless you get worked up about the idea of Tyson Chandler and Eric Gordon joining forces with Danny Granger.

It's not quite the 1998 team of CBA rejects and European-based nobodies that somehow won bronze in place of NBA players otherwise occupied with a labor dispute, but the American side Mike Krzyzewski will lead in the FIBA World Championship doesn't look like dream material. We've got Kevin Durant, which might be enough all on its own, but Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade are among the high-profile players sitting out this round of international play.

With O.J. Mayo, Tyreke Evans, Gerald Wallace and JaVale McGee out of the picture, what would your final 12 look like out of the 15 remaining candidates?

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