It's official: Roy Oswalt will no longer have to try to win games with a team that's putting up a .299 OBP. Oswalt waived his no-trade clause, clearing the way for him to join the Philadelphia Phillies (currently in a knockdown, drag-out pennant race).

Oswalt's been one of the finest pitchers in the majors for much of his career, although he's rarely gotten the attention he deserves. Recent years have dragged on Oswalt's winning percentage -- his 12 losses this season actually lead the league -- but he still gives up few hits and keeps the ball in the park. He's joining Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels in the rotation, giving the Phillies an intimidating trio of aces (especially in a short playoff series). Could he be the missing piece Philadelphia needs to make the playoffs?


He signed his deal when things were good and as soon as things start going bad he wants out. Typical athlete. I don't blame the Astros for trading him, rebuilding has been a long time coming for that team, but I love when guys sign a deal and when things start to go bad they want out.

-- brewerfan54

We are only 3.5 out with Utley, Rollins, Victorino, Happ and Polanco all out for parts of this year. That's 4 starters, all of whom are former all-stars, and the rookie-of-the-year runner up and our No. 3 starter. So yeah the Phillies of the first half are not the team that went to back to back WS. But by the end of August, everyone will be healthy and now we have the best front three in baseball. Phils-Yanks again in the series, sorry but there is no debate that the Phils are tops in the NL talentwise and with Oswalt and health, goodnight and thanks for trying Atlanta. I will miss Happ, but you can't pass on one of the best pitchers in the game.

-- cjmfour

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