Although it has felt at times this season as though no-hitters are popping up with the same frequency as, well, B.J. Upton popups (and involving the Rays almost as often), they are not everyday occurrences. One also wasn't a Sunday occurrence, perhaps thanks largely to Twins manager Ron Gardenhire. But does Gardenhire deserve our scorn?

Twins starter Kevin Slowey had a no-hitter through seven innings against the Athletics, but the Twins had just a 1-0 lead through seven innings and a two-game lead through 117 games in the AL Central. With Slowey at 106 pitches and coming off elbow tendinitis, Gardenhire told him he was done after the seventh. Of course, the Twins then tacked on three more runs in the bottom of the seventh to make things a little more comfortable.

So what should Gardenhire have done?


Pitch count, tendinitis, NO HITTER ar all fine BUT the TWINS just got back in control of FIRST PLACE and are in a hot pennant race with the ChiSox and THAT is what Gardenhire SHOULD'VE been focusing on and I think he was.

-- jefftuttlesr

This is an absolute joke. At least Kevin Slowey will have plenty more opportunites to pitch a no-hitter. Give me a break. If he's wearing down in the game, he'll give up a hit and then you can justify taking him out to the player, team, and fans. This guy was 6 outs away from a no-hitter, if he got lucky he could have gotten those 6 outs on 10-15 pitches.

-- stems21

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