How many Pro Bowlers does it take to convince Brett Favre to come back to Minnesota? Three, apparently. All right, it's not much of a punch line, but all the laughs in the Brett Favre saga dried up about three retirements ago.

If you take kicker Ryan Longwell at his word (and who wouldn't trust a kicker?), Favre's trip north to Minnesota after a visit from three teammates at his home in Mississippi signals his intentions to return for the 2010 season. So purely from a football standpoint, what does this mean for the Vikings? How many wins is one 40-year-old with a potentially iffy ankle really worth? SportsNation blogger jdebose004 isn't sure it's all that much.

Scooter, minny

What do vikings do with qb positon next year?

Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton
Gary Horton

Well, it wouldn't shock me that if Favre plays this year and stays healthy that he could play another year. I know that's a big if. But I think the key for the Vikings is to know earlier whether he's going to play or not. If he does not play this fall, think of all the guys, veterans, that they didn't get into the mix for. Guys like Donovan McNabb, Jason Campbell. If he comes back, it's no big deal. I think they'll like Tarvaris Jackson better than we think. It wouldn't surprise me for them to go with Jackson and Rosenfels without Favre. But, having said that, this is a veteran team that knows that their window won't stay open forever. They're going to be inclined to make rash moves to get to that Super Bowl. Full transcript

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