With Manny Ramirez nearing a return and the Dodgers nearing oblivion in the playoff race, the team may elect to put the veteran slugger on waivers and see if someone else wants to pay him for the rest of the season ("Mannywood" signs presumably not included).

Two teams that might reasonably have interest are the Yankees and Rays, currently fighting for first in the AL East and the best record in baseball. And since the Red Sox would get a shot at claiming him before teams with better records and can't afford to take any more hits in the pennant race, well, might we actually see Manny being Manny back in Boston?

SportsNation blogger JSchnootz, a Rays fan, offers up a Manny-Boston reunion as an even crazier scenario than Pat Burrell carrying an offense on his back.

Guy (Landon, BC)

Gordon, if the Sox get out of this current homestand within 3.5 games of the wild card, then they are in it. To that end, if at that point one Manny Ramirez surfaces on the waiver wire does Theo put in a claim knowing 1) Manny on a contract run could be a difference maker for the Sox and 2) Manny on a contract run could be a difference maker for the Rays.

ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes
Matt Williamson

There has been speculation about that. I can't conceive of the Red Sox open to taking Manny back? The Rays'part of the scenario gives one pause, but that's where you count on Kenny Williams making that claim before the Sox ever have to worry about it. Full transcript


Anybody who thinks Manny Ramirez won't make that $5 million back in ticket sales and TV ratings during a pennant race is crazy. Ask the Red Sox how ticket sales and ratings have been since Manny left. I'll tell you, if the Red Sox traded for him tomorrow, I'd watch every game the rest of the way. Every game.

-- swansoncide

Lifelong Dodger fan here. I can't wait to get him back in our lineup. The guy has been nothing but clutch since he got here. Even last year when he got suspended. And no, I'm not happy about that, nor do I take it lightly. But he is as presumably clean as anyone else in the game now, so what can I do. He hasn't been remotely a clubhouse cancer.

-- princethomas

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