Brett Favre flying back to the Vikings after a recruiting trip from teammates. LeBron James talking in GQ magazine about the motivation he gained from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's comments. And now Roger Clemens, Congress and a federal indictment, all in one neat package. Admit it, you've got Andy Williams singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" running on a loop in your head, right?

The Clemens story has more or less reached soul-crushing status at this point, but while the legal experts debate what the indictment means, what is Clemens' legacy as a pitcher? SportsNation blogger JSchnootz thinks he's a Hall of Famer no matter what.


Dan Duquette was right all along: Clemens WAS in the twilight of his career

-- NoEscapingGravity

Ok, really, who cares at this point? He'll never get into the HOF so lets move on, and worry about more pressing issues.

-- teamjordan_2345

Bud Selig is to blame. Frauds like Clemens should have their ill-gotten fortunes taken away. And his teams should have their records adjusted to forfeit his wins. Wake up MLB.

-- GravityKing

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