It wasn't so long ago that Rajon Rondo was on top of the world. Now he's missing the worlds. His Celtics came up just short against the Lakers in the NBA Finals, but Rondo's overall playoff excellence helped land him at No. 4 when more than 10,000 SportsNation judges ranked the NBA's best point guards in July. And considering the three guys ahead of him -- Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Steve Nash -- either elected not to play for Team USA this summer or weren't eligible by virtue of their general "Canadian-ness", he seemed like a lock to be one of the stars of the show.

The catch, of course, is that as the United States beat Greece on Wednesday in its final exhibition, Rondo wasn't even there. Rondo withdrew from the team Tuesday, shortly after he himself admitted he was on the bubble to make the final cut. So did Rondo realize his game wasn't the best fit for the international game and graciously save Team USA the trouble of cutting a player? Or did he quit to save himself the embarrassment of being cut?


There was no need for him, everything he can do Rose can do as well, plus Rose even hit the clutch free throws (last weekend against Spain). Sure Rondo is a better defender, but he is a gambler defensively and we don't have the bigs like KG and Perkins to cover for his mistakes when his steal attempts fail. Rondo is always timid at crunch time b/c he is afraid of shooting clutch free throws.

-- doomgunner

I think Rondo just didn't like being benched. I mean, he has been a starter for years now. Some guys cannot handle going from playing all the time to not even logging in 1 minute, I think it's a shame. I still don't think he should have quit though.

-- Vampire_Face

Rondo knew he wasn't the best fit for international play and has a few other things to do, so he bowed out and spared the coach the heat of making the cut. This is a team of hungry players, and he's not one of the hungriest. Billups is already there to provide the wily veteran presence. It was just a rational decision. I guess being rational is too weird to understand anymore.

-- The Pragmaticist

Coach K is overrated. and Colangelo can't be trusted. Both are snakes, Rajon gave them a way out. I hope they appreciated it. A DNP? You've got to be kidding me.

-- zeppyled

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