It's not Stephen Strasburg arriving like the second coming of Walter Johnson and quickly departing as the second coming of Kerry Wood. It's not the Capitals turning the NHL's best regular season into a first-round disaster against the Canadiens. It's not even Gilbert Arenas bringing some unwanted show-and-tell items to work.

Did we mention it's a lousy time to be a sports fan in the nation's capital?

But pardon Redskins fans if they're a little skittish about news Donovan McNabb may not be healthy for a Week 1 showdown with the rival Cowboys. The NFC East isn't short on big-name quarterbacks, but do any of them mean more to a team than McNabb?

SportsNation offers multiple opinions.

Omar (Toronto)

Should Andy Reid be worried if this kolb experiment does not go according to plan. It's not as if mcnabb was traded because his performance dropped off, mcnabb was playing at a high level. Reid and company compared mcanbbs amazing career to kolbs two good games.

NFC East blogger Matt Mosley
Matt Mosley

It's quite that simple. You had three quarterbacks heading into the final year of their respective contracts. It wasn't like Andy Reid sat there and compared two games to McNabb's excellent body of work. He just looked at the roster and had to make a tough call. I think it will be the right thing long term, but there will be some bumps along the way. Full transcript

Pete (NY)

Is this the year Eli breaks out and plays like an elite QB not just a very good one?

Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

Bro, he was great last year. He really was. I would expect I higher run % than last year, as the Giants D will be stronger in 2010, so there will be less catch up. Full transcript

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