Usually when we talk about Cincinnati athletes and a radar gun clocking something at better than 100 mph, someone in the Bengals front office starts to get a queasy feeling. But it's actually a cause for celebration this time. Aroldis Chapman has arrived.

There is a William Wallace quality to the reports of exactly how fast Chapman throws (100, 103, 105 with the ability to distort time?), but the short answer is faster than Russ Springer, Logan Ondrusek, Sam LeCure and anyone else the Reds have trotted out of the bullpen. The team let Chapman progress at his own pace in the minors, but as a reliever, could he be a postseason factor for a team suddenly in firm control of the NL Central?

Brandon (Charleston, WV)

What are your thoughts on the Reds young pitching?

Jerry Crasnick
Jerry Crasnick

Brandon, Mike Leake is starting to wear down, but this year has to be considered a very positive one for him. And I'm really impressed with what I've seen from Travis Wood. Ultimately, it comes down to Aroldis Chapman and what he might provide. I think the Reds deserve some credit for letting him get experience in the minors. It would have been awfully easy to bow to the hype and carry him on the Opening Day roster. Long term, he's much better served spending time in the minors. Full transcript

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