It seemed within the realm of probability that a quarterback with ties to the Arizona Cardinals would fall flat on his face this fall, but to be honest, our money was on "Dancing with the Stars" neophyte Kurt Warner. Instead, Matt Leinart came metaphorically crashing to terra firma by losing the starting job in Arizona before the end of August. That worked out pretty well the last time it happened in the desert, but Derek Anderson doesn't appear to be the second coming of Warner.

While the Cardinals ponder whether to keep the former first-round pick of send him packing, SportsNation blogger 3rdStoneFromTheSun says a fresh start won't help Leinart.

Dave (AZ)

what do you make of this QB situation in Arizona?

Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton
Gary Horton

You've had so long to look at this guy. He's not an unknown. You've been around Matt Leinart for 3-4 years now. The reasons that we think he was benched was his demeanor, body language, command of the huddle, etc. These are all things that the coaches have been around for years. So, why now? Even though he had a statistically strong game this weekend.

Whisenhunt said he doesn't judge a QB by stats. This might just be a clash of personalities. You have a coach that comes from the Pittsburgh mentality and a QB from L.A. and Hollywood. That might be oversimplifying, but I don't know how you can turn this thing upside down two weeks from the opener. If I'm in Arizona right now, I have no idea what to do at the QB position. I don't believe in Derek Anderson over the long term. But I get the feeling that the coaches aren't sold on Leinart. They better hope to run the football and not ask the QB to win the game right now.

I will say one last time, if you weren't comfortable with Leinart, why didn't you make that determination a long time ago? Full transcript

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