Baseball loves its statistics, and what the Marlins and Nationals lack in VORP, WAR, OPS and other measures of actual success, they more than make up for in entertainment-per-customer (EPC). That the Marlins won Wednesday's game 16-10 is, frankly, irrelevant, even if it does leave them 7.5 back of the wild card. The story is Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan and whether the Marlins overreacted or did the rest of the league a favor.

Let's set the scene with some of Morgan's highlights since throwing a ball at a fan in Philadelphia on Aug. 22 (he's appealing a seven-game suspension).

Aug. 28: Morgan goes out of his way to run into Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson, despite there being no play at the plate. In the process, he missed home plate, is called out for contact and separates Anderson's shoulder. See the video from

Aug. 31: Morgan tries to score from second on a grounder to second base and collides with Marlins catcher Brett Hayes when the ball easily beats him home. Like Anderson, Hayes ends up with a separated shoulder. See the video from

Wednesday: The Marlins hit Morgan in the fourth inning, presumably as retaliation for running into Hayes the night before. With his team trailing 14-3, Morgan stole second and third and eventually scored. When he came up again in the sixth, pitcher Chris Volstad threw behind his back, setting off the fracas in the video at the top of this post.

So was Morgan in the wrong on all occasions? Did the Marlins overreact? And does Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez have a future in wrestling? Vote on Nyjer Morgan vs. Marlins!


Morgan is just a bonehead who never thinks before he acts, i dont care about "unwritten" rules... play smart, make good decisions and be a classy player, he is none of those and he needs to be released

-- pvjv725

He's done a complete 180 from last season and deserves a non-tender IMO...the stupid mental errors and all of a sudden the choice to hit catchers whenever given the chance makes me wish he wasn't in a Nationals uni

-- LUWahooNatFan

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