We have to admit, we were kind of hoping the "Hard Knocks" finale would conclude with Rex Ryan eating in a diner, Mark Sanchez trying to park the car on the street, Darrelle Revis disappearing into the bathroom and the timeless sound of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" playing over a fade to black. At least it will offer more closure than "Lost" managed.

The HBO series will be able to sign off with resolution on the Darrelle Revis saga after the cornerback and the Jets agreed on a new contract that essentially seems to guarantee him an extra $11 million for an extra year of service. But does getting Revis back with a week to spare before the opener against the Ravens make the Jets favorites in the AFC East?

Ryan (San Diego)

I'm pretty sure Rex Ryan could sell his team and Jets fans ocean front property in Arizona and they would be buying it up a storm. How delusional can you be? It's like they havent even watched their offense play at all or their horrible quarterback turn it over multiple times a game

Football Scientist KC Joyner
KC Joyner

I don't think Ryan is trying to sell the NY fans a bill of goods. That team is very talented across the board. He also is probably thinking of what Billick did with the Ravens - keep telling the team they are Super Bowl bound and eventually the team will believe it.Full transcript


Glad he got his money.... As for readiness, Revis WILL NOT be a sudden impact right away... Too much valuable practice time has passed, and he'll struggle the first few games.... I'd attack him right off the bat if I were the opposing OC...

-- tjdixon81

This is great, expect to see a conga line of contracted athletes have a great year and demand a new contract.

-- danishvandydad91

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